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Manage Your Vessel with The Dashboard

An online solution providing an easy-to-use-interface to manage maintenance, inventory, MLC hours of rest, vessel certificates, crew certificates and related activities for your vessel or fleet of vessels.

All your vessel data in one place.

Dashboard from Ocean Time Marine improves efficiency by setting and measuring goal criteria. It provides easy access to your information and delivers reporting on the status of each area – significantly contributing to the success of your vessel operation.


Job list and defect, safety inspection reports, safety drills logbook and incident and event reporting.

Handover & Support

Manage Master’s and Engineer’s handover and support notes in dedicated online folders.


Oversee manufacturers, part names, part numbers, locations and quantities on hand – with pictures.

Permits to Work

Record issued permits to work – including ready-made interactive documents for many work types.


Update and track all your crew and vessel certificates for your operation all in one place. – Manage expiry dates at a glance.

MLC Hours of Rest

Update all crew hours of rest on one page – calculating daily, weekly or monthly hours of rest – and making audits easy.

Email Alerts

Receive an email notification 90 days prior to any vessel or crew certificate expiry.

Overdue Reporting

Track overdue items for maintenance and inventory. Reminders let you know when things are off-target before they become a serious problem.

Identify, monitor, correct.

Continuously identifying and resolving problems is fundamental for achieving and sustaining excellent operation. Ocean Time Marine Dashboard helps you review the status of expectations, goals, projected progress and more.


The Dashboard software allows you to quickly identify and monitor all factors, ensuring everything is performing at a level to achieve your business objectives. More than a method for pointing out problems, the Dashboard is a work management process for getting problems corrected.

Dashboard Vessel Management Software

Easy Compliance.

By referencing relevant publications, notices and directives, the Dashboard helps commercial vessel operators comply with maritime laws – providing a single access-point for all audit and survey documents and data and making it much easier to comply with safety laws. The Ocean Time Marine Dashboard provides a compliance solution to assist with:


  • ISM and ISPS Management
  • MLC Compliance
  • Vessel certificate management
  • Crew certificate management
  • National Regulator Requirements
  • SMS Compliance
Vessel Management Compliance Software
Vessel Management Software with Cloud Storage and Templates

Access your data from any computer or device

Documents, reports and checklists can be stored in the Dashboard or directly imported from cloud services like DropBox or Adobe®.

Save time with Templates

Save time with pre-filled, ready-made, fully-customisable templates. Simply add your company details and many of your documents are then ready for inclusion in your overall Safety Management System.

A Complete Vessel Management System

Developed by marine surveyors, captains and engineers, the Ocean Time Marine Dashboard provides a single access-point of all survey and compliance details to Captains, vessel managers / operators, DPAs and auditors – making survey and compliance audits easy.


Information can be shared between on-board crew and land-based staff simultaneously, making your operation smoother and more efficient. With up-to-date information and alerts, the Dashboard optimises safety management and makes decision-making simpler.

Information that can be managed in The Dashboard:

  • Passenger List
  • Crew List
  • Crew Passports
  • Certificates of Competency
  • Medical (ENG1)
  • Crew Familiarisation
  • Declaration of Health List
  • Drills Logbook
  • Job Lists
  • Defect Reports
  • Vessel Certificates
  • Certificate Numbers
  • Certificate Expiry Dates
  • Certificate Last Issue Dates
  • DPA access
  • MLC Hours of Rest Calculator
  • Support & Handover Notes
  • Inventory Management
  • Safety Management System
  • Publications (ISM, etc)
  • Medical Guides
  • Fleet Management
  • MLC Hours of Rest Calculator
  • Support & Handover Notes
  • Inventory Management
  • Safety Management System
  • Publications (ISM, etc)
  • Medical Guides
  • Fleet Management

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