Press Release: Launch Of ‘The Dashboard’ Vessel Management Product

Ocean Time Marine continues to provide efficiencies for the marine industry with new digital Safety document packs and an online document management dashboard.

Melbourne-based Maritime Safety Solutions firm assists in safety compliance with their easy to use safety template system software.

Ocean Time Marine recently added to its suite of safety management tools with a new vessel content management system, the Ocean Time Marine Dashboard and a suite of paperless safety document packs.

These tools provide simplified administration for vessel management delivering greater support and cost-savings for captains and crew on board and ashore.

In response to the marine industry’s need for an easier way to store and manage vessel documentation, Ocean Time Marine developed the Dashboard.

The Dashboard provides a simple mechanism for vessel operators to monitor their safety documents and access documents all in the one place. Captain’s using the Dashboard are mostly impressed with the MLC hours of rest recording feature where they are able to record all the crew’s monthly hours of rest on one page.

 -Jonathan Pike. Lead Product Developer, Ocean Time Marine

The digital safety document packs further simplify management of documentation by allowing vessel operators to monitor whether documentation is being completed in real-time and respond quickly.

The safety document packs are available in four specific vessel collections:

  • Vessels up to 8m
  • Superyachts
  • Fishing trawlers
  • Passenger vessels

“One of the benefits of the packs is that once a document is filled out, you can save it to the Dashboard or email it to your office so you’ll never have to deal with forms being damaged, lost or forgotten again.”

 -Jonathan Pike. Lead Product Developer, Ocean Time Marine

By providing easier access to documents and records, the new Dashboard and digital safety document packs not only provide greater efficiencies but are another way to enhance the safety culture amongst vessel crew.

Ocean Time Marine is celebrating its launch of the Dashboard and digital safety document packs by offering a free, no obligation, one-month free trial to the Dashboard for the first 50 subscribers.

Be reminded of when it is time to update and track all your crew and vessel requirements, with the Ocean Time Marine Dashboard.

Simply register your interest today from the website.

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