Insure Your Vessel Against Maritime Casualties by Following a Safety Management System

Over the last few decades, significant improvements have been made to the structure, function and reliability of boats and ships. Emerging technologies have made them more efficient, as well as safer to operate, however, despite the maritime industry’s continuing growth and evolution in response to economic and technological trends, the incident of maritime casualties is still surprisingly high. This is largely because the maritime industry is more than just about ship structure and reliability – it is about the people that operate within this domain and the human errors that feature significantly in this dynamic sector.

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How the Sydney Heritage Fleet use the Dashboard from Ocean Time Marine

Operating a Fleet of nine vessels on Sydney Harbour is extremely challenging. Over the last 10 years we have developed appropriate Safety Management System (SMS) as required by NSW Maritime/Roads and Maritime Services in paper form. As we are all aware the Safety Management Systems have become, due to legislation, increasingly demanding for crew and the Designated Person Ashore (DPA) to keep all of the documentation valid and current as required by the Regulators.

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Ocean Time Marine Sponsors The Mission To Seafarers

Ocean Time Marine is proud to support the Mission to Seafarers. Both orginisations share similar business goals in improving safety at sea. The Mission to Seafarers Victoria (MtSV) first began in the Port of Melbourne in 1857, caring for the wellbeing of the seafaring community. Today seafarers rely on these facilities in ports around Australia and the world.

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Press Release: Launch of Safety Management System (SMS) Product

For immediate release.

Ocean Time Marine makes the writing of a Safety Management System (SMS) a breeze with their template system software for domestic commercial operations and super yachts with ISM.

Melbourne-based Maritime Safety Solutions firm assists in safety compliance with their easy to use safety template system software.

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