Autonomous vessels – Disruption on the way for the Maritime Industry

With a myriad of emergent new technologies on the horizon of the maritime industry, such as autonomous vessels, it is vital that regulations are established to ensure the safety, security and efficiency of a new generation of ships. 

Just as car companies are betting big that self-driving vehicles will change our roads, shipping companies are making a similar bet that automation will change how we move goods around the world.

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Cheeki Rafiki update – Owner receives suspended sentence

Mr Justice Teare has called on the maritime regulatory authorities to tighten the rules governing the inspection of yachts.
The Cheeki Rafiki lost its keel as the crew were returning the 40ft yacht from Antigua to the UK in May 2014, they encountered trouble 1,000 miles from the United States with all four crew members tragically losing their lives.
In sentencing the owner of Cheeki Rafki, Douglas Innes, the judge told the father-of-two that ‘cost-cutting had led his actions, and his failure to have his yacht surveyed was a serious act of negligence’.