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The Safety Management System (SMS) template
now available for Superyachts - featuring
policies and procedures specially
developed for larger vessels.

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How the Sydney Heritage Fleet use the Dashboard from Ocean Time Marine


Keeping our documentation templates in The Dashboard allows the Engineers and Masters to open, examine the Voyage Log Page and complete all of the recordings or check lists. Once the document is complete we can either email it or store it in the cloud.

Custom Safety Flipchart assists Victorian Fisheries manage safety


Ocean Time Marine assists the Victorian Fisheries Authority with the development of content for a hard-copy vessel safety reference guide. The safety guide provides quick reference for vessel operators and a useful safety induction tool for new staff.

Ocean Time Marine Partners with Maritime Survey Australia


Maritime Survey Australia’s Marine surveyors and safety consultants are assisting organisations with the delivery of safety Consulting services both in Australia and overseas. They provide independent surveys and reports of the current condition, class status and life history of a vessel.

Electronics Pre Sea Checks


Make sure Electronics Pre Sea Checks form part of your Safety Equipment Checklist. Before you go to sea, ensure that you take a look at your electrical system. Here are some key inspection points and procedures for checking your electrical and other systems – including GPS, Radar, Autopilot, AIS and Software checks.

Boating Equipment That Will Keep You Safe In The Water


When planning a trip, make sure you always carry the right safety equipment and in good working order. Regularly inspect, service and update it. Everyone aboard should know where it’s stored and how to use it. These vital bits of safety equipment will keep you and your crew safe aboard your vessel.

A Maritime Culture That Embraces Safety


Employee safety is one of the most, if not the most, important concerns for maritime companies. The industry has made great strides in improving safety over the years through improved training programs and safety policies. All of these initiatives combine to create a maritime culture that embraces safety.

The History Behind Safety Management Systems


A combination of standardised training, regulations, and advancements in technology has undoubtedly enhanced safety in the maritime industry over the past 100 years. Tying these components together at an operational level, safety management systems have been just as instrumental.

Safety Drills – An Essential Part Of Your Safety Management System


What is required? How often do we do drills? Where does it fit on our Safety Management System? Realistic safety drills are the perfect training for survival in an unexpected emergency. Done diligently and regularly, they can save lives and help seafarers to survive the unexpected.

Crew Responsibilities – Help For Writing A SMS


The responsibilities of crew should be outlined in the vessel Safety Management System (SMS), Here we outline some of the requirements of the crew – including the Master, Chief Engineer and Deck Crew – that may be used as guidance when using the Ocean Time Marine SMS Template to create your own safety management system.

Quick Links

Vessel Safety Management System Template

Easily produce and manage a fully-functional SMS for your vessel in an acceptable format for regulators without the need for expensive consultants.

The SMS template assists with compliance for state and federal government authorities such as AMSA (NSCV Part E), MNZ, TC, USCG and MCA.

Safety Management System Template - Ocean Time Marine

Safety Flip Chart

Hard-copy, spiral-bound flip-chart to enter your safety details and display onboard for quick reference to essential safety information about your vesel and operations.

Safety Flip Chart - Free Compendium

Marine Safety Pro

A free Safety Reference App for Apple iPad® and iPhone®

App Store Button Link

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